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feline diabetes

feline diabetes

Postby bluedawg » Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:25 am

hello friends. :heart: i just posted this on the facebook VERF page, but i'm going to post it here too, for posterity and future reference and covering all bases reasons. and for :heart: emoticons.

avery was just diagnosed with diabetes. he is 14 and in otherwise good health, and at a healthy weight. he has been "borderline" with kidney stuff for years, but that has remained under control and his bloodwork has stayed steady for the past year or two, which is great. his current kidney values (and everything else, except this sugar stuff) are fine. we are currently feeding him (and our other kitty, finley) a mixture of purina NF (Rx kidney food) and wellness indoor. it's been working really well for them.

of course, now that we know avery is diabetic, we need to change his diet to something with higher protein, and it will be a delicate balance because obviously we don't want to "set off" any of the kidney problems. our vet is hopeful that his case is mild/early enough that we might be able to get it under control with diet alone and no insulin, so that's what we're trying first (and we'll re-check in a week or two to make sure his kidneys are tolerating the higher-protein diet).

sooo, any thoughts on "good" foods for this particular situation? they have purina DM (Rx diabetes food) at our vet, and she suggested we try him on canned-only to start. she also said "i know you have a lot of foods you prefer to use, and i'm open to you trying something else as long as we hit the target values," so i guess i'm wondering if we just suck it up and start with the purina DM, or find something different/better/i don't know...?

also... avery is crap at eating canned food. both of our cats think canned food is just weird, although avery is getting a *little* better at it. his issues are: reluctance to start eating it; licking it instead of just, you know, *eating* it; taking forever to eat a relatively small amount (see previous item); us needing to re-offer it frequently and/or wet it down and/or nuke it all day long to keep it interesting or keep it from drying out before he gets to it. needless to say it's an all-day job. i am worried that he might not do a good job at this if we try switching him to all-canned, and so i'm being basically a paranoid worrywart already.

i'd love to hear happy positive shiny snuggly stories, because i can totally make up all the scary horror stories myself, and my three-day stomachache (while waiting for the blood panel results over the weekend) is proof. thanks in advance! <3
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Re: feline diabetes

Postby Emiloid » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:08 am

{{avery and bluedawg}}
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Re: feline diabetes

Postby Miso Vegan » Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:32 am

no suggestions, just more hugs. {{{{{{{{avery & bluedawg}}}}}}}}
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