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canine potty problems

canine potty problems

Postby matryoshka » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:44 am

i adopted my girly lacey in june, but had been staying with my parents pretty much all summer. the few times i was at my apartment with her, i realized that she had a hard time doing her business outside. she doesn't have accidents inside, but when i take her out on her leash she takes forever and a day to go. at my parents' i noticed that she sniffs around quite a bit first to find the right spot, but when i take her out here she will do that, then start to squat, then she gets distracted. i'll be standing out there for ten minutes before she goes. she poo'd this evening, but she didn't at all yesterday, so the last time was 2 evenings ago. so anyway, do any of you have dogs that have done this/do this? or is there maybe some kind of problem with her diet, and she should be going more often (though she doesn't pee very often either, so, i don't know)?
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Re: canine potty problems

Postby downwithapathy » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:06 am

Sadly, I don't have anything to contribute regarding diet/health. It could be a learned behavioral thing.

Annie outright refused to do her business while on leash for the first year or more that I knew her (she held it until we got home or to the dog park). The day she finally gave in and peed on a long walk was actually a noteworthy occasion in my home. :laugh: Now she will regularly #1 on leash during walks. I'm still waiting for her first on leash #2. :blank:

Annie was found as a stray at about a year old. There's no way to know for sure, but I assume this is something she learned in her first home.
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