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“No, You Can’t Pet My Dog”

“No, You Can’t Pet My Dog”

Postby Shiva » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:06 am

National “No, You Can’t Pet My Dog” Day is a good post at a blog called Dogs and Babies…Learning to Live Happily Ever After: Building a Foundation of Friendship and Safety from Pregnancy to Preschool. issue with the focus on telling children merely to ask before touching dogs — people almost always say, “Yes.” Why is that a problem?

Children (and adults!) no longer wait for an answer because they presume it’s going to be yes. Waiting for an answer drops out of the sequence and you often get kids who parrot, “May I pet your dog?” and then they’re moving right in before you can say anything. After all, why not? They asked, didn’t they?
Because people expect a “Yes,” they do not know how to respond to a “No” and take it personally or get annoyed. This leads to pet owners giving in to social pressure and feeling like they have to say “yes” when they’d rather say “no.”

I found this article pretty interesting, particularly because of this:

So, here’s my proposal. Pick a day and practice nicely saying, “No” to anyone who asks to pet your dog.

This is something that I do sort of randomly. I want Syama and Grace to be able to interact with people, human and canine, that we meet. But sometimes I need them to be focused. So we practice both, and I think that's probably a good idea for most dogs.

What do you folks think?
~Shiva , Chief Troublemaker
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Re: “No, You Can’t Pet My Dog”

Postby Dugan » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:05 am

It's a good idea to practice no. From the dog's side, if you always say yes, your dog will come to expect petting, and might get obnoxious about approaching strangers.
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Re: “No, You Can’t Pet My Dog”

Postby vegankitty » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:51 pm

Kids never ask to pet Bonnie. I yell at kids who try to pet the dogs I walk. Not to be mean-I'm just appalled when kids reach out to pet a strange dog-it's akin to saying "Watch out!" if a kid was going to get hit by a car or fall and I was too far away to physically intervene. Adults always ask with Bonnie. She's kind of scary to people.
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