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Making Less Waste

How do we, as vegans, create sustainable lifestyles and practices? How does being vegan shape your choices as a consumer?

Re: Making Less Waste

Postby Shiva » Sun May 01, 2011 11:34 pm

From Yes! Magazine:

42 Ways to Not Make Trash
Taking what he learned from his experiment, No Impact Man Colin Beavan offers 42 tips to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

Together with his family, Colin Beavan—aka No Impact Man—spent a year trying to live in the middle of New York City without having a negative impact on the environment. One of his first challenges: getting through everyday life without producing trash. Below are some of his favorite tips and tricks.

I like #20: # "Wiping my hands on my pants instead of using a paper towel when I forget my cloth."

As we say at my house: that's what pants are for. :antlers:
~Shiva , Chief Troublemaker
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