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Northeastern meet-up!

Re: Northeastern meet-up!

Postby Dugan » Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:02 pm

Definitely not Burlington VT tomorrow, tempting as it is due to hiking destinations. If I decide on SC, I will be driving in the opposite direction with their deposit tomorrow.

So, maybe Maybe Woodstock on the 12th or 13th? I've never been to a farm sanctuary and am curious about them. I wish I could bring Boodle, but either way wouldn't be great for including him. Unless we stayed over out there and hiked in the Cats, but even then staying in/at the car at Woodstock would be, at best, very difficult. I wouldn't want to leave him in the car, nor would I feel good about leaving him in an ex-pen dog show sort of set up outside the car in a place where people might take exception to that.

Ariann, do you have a sense of whether you'll be visiting the Woodstock NY sanctuary more on the 12th or on the 13th?
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