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Ontario: Kingston

Ontario: Kingston

Postby Kat » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:44 am

Kingston, Ontario is a great place to be vegan! I lived there for four years, so I ought to know :)

This thread is about the resources and stuff going on in Kingston.

The Sleepless Goat Cafe - 91 Princess Street (613-545-9646) - Awesome cafe that is mostly vegetarian (they only serve meat at breakfast). Lots of vegan options. They have fair trade coffee! You can get soymilk for your coffee and they have vegan dishes on the menu. Often there are vegan baked goods, also. The daily-soup and bread are always vegan and an economical option for broke college students (and hey, if you can't afford to pay for food, they will give you the bread and soup.)

Tara's Health Food Store - 81 Princess Street (613-546-4439) - All sorts of things for your vegan needs, like soy cheese, tofu, nutritional yeast, fair trade chocolate, gluten-free items, etc. In the summer you can buy heirloom tomato plants there for your garden.

Kingston also has two Asian markets;
Asian Grocery at 354 Princess Street near Barrie St and Princess St
Oriental Grocery at 445 PRINCESS ST near Division St and Princess St
Both offer all sorts of foods from Asia and the world in general. In my trips there I've found all sorts of tofu, gluten-free pasta, steam buns, dumplings, sesame cookies, and harder-to-find ingredients like tamarind and TVP.

Pan Chancho Bakery, Restaurant & Take-Out 34 Princess Street - Not every item here is vegan, but the ones that are taste absolutely awesome. Try the roasted vegetable foccacia if they have it!

Pasta Genova 234 Wellington Street - Italian grocery store that takes cash-only. Slices of foccacia are only like 75 cents. Go here for all sorts of awesome Italian items such as olives, basil, capers, smoked paprika, marinated eggplant, european chocolates, unusual pasta shapes, etc

Bulk Barn - 824 Norwest Road - This is right near the Cataraqui mall. If you've never been to a bulk barn, you HAVE TO GO. it has every bulk item you could want, including nutritional yeast, TVP, coconut flour, spelt flour, pasta, rice pasta, millet, quinoa, bragg's, tahini, soymilk by the case, wilton decorating supplies, cereals, vitamins, candies, etc

this post will be continued.... :)
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